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Aldonis, Agija

Ondulat 2003 atskaņas...



…Thank you very much for all your help last week in Latvia. Once again I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.                  

Mark Callan / Scotland/ 29.07.03

…Vispaar jau jauks vakara nosleegums!
Īsāk paldies tev par sveetkiem….                   

Kārlis Smilga / Latvija / 28.07.03


…Позвольте еще раз поблагодарить Вас за отличный турнир и время, которое провели белорусские команды и я лично в Латвии.Надеюсь, увидимся еще не раз и у Вас, и в Беларуси…               

Yuri Kochubey / Belarusj /30.07.03

Посмотрел я фотки на сайте curling.lv - турнир у вас пришел видимо здорово!!! Так жалко стало, что я сам не смог приехать.…….

Anton Batugin / Russia / 31.07.03


On behalf of Penicuik Curling Club members who participated in the Ondulat Cup Curling Tournament, I Thank YOU and your team for making the event a wonderful experience for us. The friendships gained  and the camaraderie of all was fantastic. We were honoured to be part of such a wonderful event and we have returned home with memories that will be fondly reflected upon. A wonderful tournament; a wonderful time and a superb momento ' The Jelgava Maiznieks Cup '. A big THANK YOU to the sponsor. WELL DONE !!!!….

 … You and your team at Ondulat were big winners because you have created new friendships by bringing teams from many countries together. Your tournament was blessed with the true spirit of curling because of the efforts of all involved in its organisation. A magnificent effort !!!!! It produced a wonderful experience for all. THANK YOU !!!!

Colin W.McCall / Scotland / 01.08.03

I would like to thank you in the name of the Swiss team again cordially for
everything you. We were very impressed by the professional organization and
the friendly people in Lativa….

 Hans-Rudolf  Stoller / Switzerland / 05.08.03


…we would like to thank you and your family, Janis and his, and all our new Latvian friends most sincerely for a truly delightful weekend spent in your company.

It was wonderful to be able to get to know a little bit of your country, and of its people, and also to indulge in our favourite sport at the same time! The Tournament, as I am sure you will agree, was a great success, and all the participants enjoyed themselves considerably!   We are looking forward very much to the next time we have an opportunity to be in your company!…

Andrew Ferguson Smith / Andorra / 12.08.03


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