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10th Anniversary of the Tournament of “Ventspils Cup”

Dace Ābelīte

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This year the Ventspils Cup will be won for the tenth time.

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  • Changing the initial tradition when summer tournaments were organized right before the Midsummer Eve, this year, exactly like the previous year, the tournament will take place in the beginning of September. Summer will not yet be over and autumn will not have still started; it will be the right time for curlers to meet in Ventspils!

    Ventspils Curling Club kindly invites you to take part in the anniversary tournament and enjoy not only sporty and exiting games, but also three unforgettable, positively charged days in Ventspils.

    Ice, land and water – curling, pétanque and water park – it is the curling tournament “Ventspils Cup”. The international tournament “Ventspils Cup 2011” will take place on 2-4 September in the ice hall of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”, during which 16 to 24 teams will be playing. All teams will be granted with 5 curling games, friendly activities in the pétanque courts on the Friday night as well as the 10th anniversary event on Saturday in the water park.

    Your applications will be accepted by 2 August 2011 by filling in the application form and sending it to email:

    For more detailed information please see the attachment or visit under “files”.

    For additional information please contact Dace Ābelīte, +371 26327775.

    Attached files:

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  • Application form

    Looking forward to meeting you in Ventspils,
    Yours Ventspils Curling Club

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