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Jelgava Cup 2006 has finished

Bruno Bārzdainis
Organiser of Jelgava Cup

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Third international curling tournament Jelgava Cup 2006 is over. Many thanks to all competitors - we felt before tournament and on the ice that Jelgava Cup have gained a place in curlers heart.

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  • From the very beginning the tournament was intensive and dynamic. Each and every game of the tournament was interesting for players and spectators, and winners of Golden and Silver groups were brought to the light only in the very last end of the game.

    We are glad, that curlers willingness to play grows from year to year.

    Congratulations to the podium winners of the Jelgava Cup 2006:

    Golden group:
    1. Nice
    2. Rigas Roni
    3. Sudrabakmens
    Golden group results

    Silver group:
    1. Puhastusimport
    2. LKK Adazu Apasardze
    3. Pingvini
    Silver group results

    Special thanks to our sponsors:
    - McM Timber and especially to Vilnis and Evita Sprukti,
    - Sailings and especially to Aija Barzdaine,
    - Zemgale sports and leisure complex staff and especially Armands Ozolapa and thanks to Anita Mengote, Karlis Smilga, Leo Jakobsons, Aris Ceders and everybody others for help to organize and successfully manage tournament.

    Meet you again at Jelgava Cup 2007!


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