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Baltic Cup for Finland and Latvia

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The second Baltic Cup in curling is won by Finnish men’s and Latvian women’s team, which were the best in two round competition

The Baltic Cup is the biggest curling event in Eastern Europe organised by Latvian Curling association in co-operation with Estonian Curling association. It is played in two rounds, first was held in 22nd – 24th September of 2006 in Tallinn, Estonia and the second 19th – 21st January of 2007 in Jelgava, Latvia.

In men’s competition in Jelgava four strongest teams were Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Finland. In semi-finals Finland-1 beat Latvia-1 by 7:5 and Russia-1 won Estonia-1 by 9:2. For the bronze medal game Latvia won Estonia by 10:6, but Jelgava Grand Prix goes to Russia who won the close final game against the Finland ending 9:4.

In overall standings the Baltic Cup and gold medals goes to Finland-1 (skip A.Kauste), silver for Russia-1 (skip A.Bobrov) and bronze for Latvia-1 (skip K.Smilga).

In women’s competition round robin games by six wins and one loss finished two teams – Latvia-2 and Russia. In the final four end tie-breaker game Latvia-2 won Russia by 5:3. Jelgava Grand Prix got Latvia-2, second was Russia and third – Latvia-1.

In overall standings first place for Latvia-1 (skip E.Regza), second is Russia ladies team from St.Petersburg (Y.Nekrasova) and third – Latvia-2 (skip I.Stasa).
This year in Baltic Cup participated 12 men teams 8 women teams from six countries around the Baltic sea – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Finland. Men teams were split in two goups and women teams played round robin games.

For the win in round team gets 20 points, second place – 16, third – 13, fourth – 10, fifth – 8 and every next team one point less. The winner of the Baltic Cup is decided by summing the both rounds. If more than one team gets equal points, higher place takes the team which was better in second round.

1. Finland-136 (20 +16)
2. Russia-133 (13+20)
3. Latvia-129 (16+13)
4. Estonia-118 (8+10)
5. Poland-118 (10+8)
6. Latvia-214 (7+7)
7. Russia-210 (4+6)
8. Lithuania-29 (5+4)
9. Lithuania-18 (3+5)
10. Finland-26 (6+0)
11. Estonia-25 (2+3)
12. Poland-23 (1+2)

1. Latvia-133 (20+13)
2. Russia32 (16+16)
3. Latvia-230 (10+20)
4. Latvia-323 (13+10)
5. Poland15 (7+8)
6. Lithuania14 (8+6)
7. Estonia-2 12 (5+7)
8. Estonia-1 11 (6+5)

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