2022. gada 15. Augusts

Zenta, Dzelde, Zelda

Let's burn the ice!

Bruno Bārzdainis
Jelgavas kērlinga klubs


Is there enyone who does not know Brunis' cup???

  • 3 years ago I, Brunis Barzdainis, was the one who invited curlingers from near and far to Jelgava, to have a good time and play great curling.
    Spring awaiting traditions can not be broken and for the 4th time we would like to see our friends and make new friends in Jelgava, Latvia at the annual "Jelgavas kauss" (Jelgava cup).
    This year we will welcome you all from the 27th till the 29th April.

    All players and fans are invited to burn the ice with great plays, wins, ovations and with the hearts for this game.

    Please send your enrollment till the 1st April in the hompage of or to

    Participation fee has to be paid till the 10th April. Participation fee is 150,- LVL or 220,- EUR.
    As you understand the number of teams will be limited, but how much there will finaly be is a suprise.
    Plays between the teams as always. Take part and you will get to know.

    Chef of the organizers
    Bruno Bārzdainis

    Jelgavas Kauss

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