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Ondulat Cup 2007 draw

Ansis Regža

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  • Summer has arrived!

    In spite of sunny and warm weather, at the end of July we should play CURLNG!!!

    And here is the “Ondulat Cup 2007” draw:

    Friday, 27.07.,
    in group A, at 8.00 o'clock
    Ondulat B (Latvija) – UPN (Finnland)
    FORCE (Latvija) – Media CC (Poland)
    SCANDAL (Andorra, Scotland, Finnland) – Champery (Switzerland)
    Sudrabakmens (Latvija) – CC Langnau (Switzerland)
    Ledenes (Latvija) – CurlingPlayers (The Netherlands)

    in group B at 10.30
    Nicoll (Latvija, Canada) – Triangle CC (U.S.A.)
    Lauvas (Latvija) – Cocktail CC Scotland (Scotland, Danmark)
    G.L.A. (Latvija) – SC Margarita of Army (Switzerland, Russia)
    HNĪ (Latvija) – Cocktail CC International (Scotland, Espain)
    Muklājs (Latvija) – M-Curling (Finnland)

    in group C at 13.00
    JKK Juniori (Latvija) – Team Kauste (Finnland)
    Aurum (Latvija) – E.M.E. (Hungary)
    Junkers (Latvija) – Puhastusimport (Estonia)
    J.R.Ā.R. (Latvija) – Arenaria MIX (Estonia)
    Rīgas Roņi (Latvija) – Giro (Finnland)

    Have a nice working week and whole summer!

    The most important rules for the competition:

  • 5 games guaranteed for every team;
  • teams will play according to WCF rules (4 “free guards” rule);
  • all teams will be divided into three groups and after the second game will play by Schenkel system (teams will contest with as much as possible equivalent opponent);
  • every game - eight ends with time limit - 2 hours;
  • the teams must finish started end after the signal (100 minutes from beginning of the game);
  • scoring: win - 2 points; draw - 1 point; lose - 0 point. If there are equal points for two or more teams, the additional indicators will be used in the following order: points, ends, stones, difference of gained and lost stones

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