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Invitation to Odulat Cup 2008

Ansis Regža


Annual internation curling event this year will be held from 25th till 27th July

  • Dear Curling friends!

    Incredibly, half year again is over when Ondulat Cup 2007 was finished and just half year is till the start of Ondulat Cup 2008. Probably seems that this summer curling tournament is necessary for all of us in Latvia and abroad, to meet our curling friends from all of the World once again!

    I am glad to announce that this year 7th International Ondulat Cup will take place from 25th till 27th, July, 2008.

    In previous tournaments the participants came from Scotland, Russia, Belarus, Andorra, Switzerland, Slovakia, Netherlands, Canada, Poland, Finland, Wales, Estonia, Germany, Spain, Denmark, USA, Czech Republic, Hungary and, of course, from Latvia.

    At the moment the challenge cup second time is in Estonia, and new silver rings are waiting for next winners.

    Next competition will take place in the same order as previous years.

    Time: from 25th, July at 8:00 o’clock till 27th of July at 16:00 o’clock.
    Place: Jelgava Krājbanka Ice hall, Jelgava.
    Limit of teams: 30 teams.

    The most important rules for the competition:
    • 5 games guaranteed for every team;
    • teams will play according to WCF rules (4 “free guards” rule);
    • all teams will be divided into three groups and after the second game will play by Schenkel system (teams will contest with as much as possible equivalent opponent);
    • every game - eight ends with time limit - 2 hours;
    • the teams must finish started end after the signal (100 minutes from beginning of the game);
    • scoring: win - 2 points; draw - 1 point; lose - 0 point. If there are equal points for two or more teams, the additional indicators will be used in the following order: points, ends, stones, difference of gained and lost stones

    Entry fee is 260 EUR or 180 LVL, that includes 5 guaranteed games, Saturday’s curling party, tournament booklet, presents and souvenirs for every participant, darts express tournament, BBQ mini competition, for abroad teams - transfers from airport to ice-hall, good mood and lot of fun during the tournament and much more!

    To take into consideration all written above and increased interest of the teams, we kindly request you to make in time your wish to take part in our competition till 1st of April.

    You all are kindly welcome to “cool curling in hot summer time”.

    The organization committee of competition.

    More information:
    Ansis Regža
    +371 29259710

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