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Modra, Francis

Ondulat 2008 flashback

Ansis Regža
The organizer


„ ... Thank you and all your assistants for such a
great weekend!!! Everything was perfect! We got
from this cup only positive emotions, so much
energy and new friends! And we cann’t stop
smiling even now – 4 days after cup:)

Looking forward to play in Ondulat 09!!!”


Daina KRIEVA ( Respect/ LAT )

„On behalf of Cocktail International, I would
like to thank all those involved in the
organisation of the 2008 Ondulat Cup. About
three years ago I made the point that the
Ondulat Cup was - in my view - the definitive
fun curling weekend in the Eastern region. In
2008 I am convinced more than ever that this is
still the case. What a wonderful event with
great fun teams in the "Curling Village" on
Jelgava. Thanks for everything, especially to
Family Regza and Karlis for the great
organisation ...”

Brian GRAY ( Cocktail International/ SCO, RUS, DEN, ESP, FIN )

„Paldies par turniru! Bija forsi. Protams, liels prieks pec 5 gadu partraukuma atkal turet kausu rokas :)”

Artis ZENTELIS ( Junkers/ LAT )

„ ..... Every time I go to Ondulat, I think that this time it will not be that amazing as previous. But every time it is a real Event of Summer with something completely new, and I already want to come back next summer! “

Anton POROTIKOV ( Moscow Stars/ RUS )

„.....Velreiz paldies par lielisko turniru un novelu daudz speka gatavojoties jau nakamajam!:))”

Aija RUDZITE ( Perles/ LAT )

„Paldies LIELS, Ansi, Tev un Tavai komandai par patiesu jauko vasaras notikumu!!!
Lai izdodas ari turpmak!!!”

Iluta LINDE ( Aurum/ LAT )

“Velreiz paldies par iespeju piedalities “Ondulat cup 2008”. Ka vienmer, sis turnirs bija organizets vienkarsi lieliski!!! Mes augsti novertejam turnira organizatoru darbu, kas tika ieguldits, lai turnirs izdotos un, iespejams, atkartosos- kamer vien musu komanda pastaves, mes busim priecigas piedalities saja turnira….. “

Gunta MILLERE ( Perles/ LAT )

„.............Thanks once again for the great tournament. We had great time in Jelgava.
Please remember, that If there's a place for one more Finnish team next year, we would be more than interested in. Otherwise we have to join Olli's, Timo's or Markku's team, because we can't miss Ondulat Cup 2009 :-)”


First of all – thank you, Ansis, Dace, Evita and Anete (I do apologize to those organizers and assistants whom I don’t mention here) for really wonderful tournament! Everything, as always, was on “business class” level (including participants, of courseJ)!

And to Aris – I really adore for the top class movie! My new colleagues, who still know a little about curling (ashame on themJ), give compliments and very positive evaluation about this professionally made clip, what let to feel the real taste of this event!

See you all again next year!


Small video from the event

This video on YOUTUBE

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