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Latvia starts to build their dream – first curling rink

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„It has been a long time we’ve dreamed and finally dreams start to realize – we will have our own curling rink”, said Karlis Smilga, president of the Latvian Curling association, in formal start event of existing building reconstruction.

  • Existing warehouse will be reconstructed to two sheet curling rink and opening is planned in September this year. All building investments are done by company “Ondulat” and personally head of the board Ansis Regza who is better know in curling society as organizer of traditional summer tournament “Ondulat Cup”.

    Curling rink will be operated by company which will incorporate all curling fanatics in Latvia. “These are positive news while there are so many bad news around. It allows us to look in the future more brightly”, said K.Smilga. He is sure that specialized curling rink will give great effort on development of curling in Latvia as well as on growth of sport results in domestic and international competitions.

    During event in fundamentals capsule with message to next generations was placed. They will get info about curling history in Latvia, existing situation in curling life and hope that Latvia’s participation in World championship and Olympics will be reality not just a dream.

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