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Zemgale Cup 2009 will be also this year

Kārlis Smilga
Latvijas Kērlinga asociācijas prezidents

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Sports and Recreation Center Zemgale and Team Smilga is proud to invite you to 9th annual international curling tournament

  • Dates: 13th - 15th, November, 2009, Krajbanka ice rink in Jelgava, Latvia

    Entry fee: 215 EUR per team (should be paid upon arrival). Entry fee includes entry to Saturday's party.

    Your application will be accepted till 15.10.2009 (final date) and confirmation will be sent immediately. Teams will be accepted by order of application date. If necessary, waiting list will be prepared.
    Maximum teams accepted: 30

    System of play: guaranteed games - 4 (5 or 6 for best teams). According to draw all teams will be divided in three groups and starting second game Schenkel system will be used (each team meets most equal opponent).

    Entry form will be available at or could be sent to (please include your team name, skips and players names).

    Organizers will provide you possibility to book hotel rooms in hotel 150 meters from ice rink, please send your wishes to

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