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Jelgava Cup 2011

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Have you recently had a feeling of imperfection?

Is there a sense if inner futility and fatality in the mornings caused by something undone or forgotten? Believe us, it is far not the depression of the dark season! We know the reason for such feelings and what is more important – we have a solution! It is a high time to announce yourself for the participation in Jelgava Cup 2011!

You see, you suddenly started feeling yourself much better, warmer and lighter let alone the small light beam seen at the end of the dark tunnel! Wait for a while and you will be touched by a wonderful sense as soon as you send the application!
Isn’t it great: 5 guaranteed games from April 29 2011 to April 30 2011, in Krājbanka Ice hall in Jelgava, by Schenkel system, breaking down the teams into two groups and all of it just for 225 EUR/a team!

It is impossible to forget these unique events – curling is still looking forward to welcoming you on the ice, the banquet on Saturday, April 30, inescapable songs and dances in the evening, prizes for the participants and cups for the winners!
Hurry up and send your applications to<> and, besides – don’t forget to send the participation fee:
as it is the only one 100% sure guarantee for your participation. Announce yourself by March 1 2011! There are only 20 ... ups, sorry, 15 openings!

If there is a need for the hotel or anything else where you need an assistance to get the relevant information, do not hesitate to write: or call +371 63007707. The hotel is booked for this event however the booking is still open for confirmation up to March 1. After this date all available rooms (with no confirmation) are going to be offered to other clients!

Well, you see – the feelings start becoming better as now we know what are we going to do in April 2011.

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