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Pig’s snout goes to Russia

Inga Apmane
Ventspils Kērlinga kluba prezidente


International curling tournament “Christmas Cup 2010” has finished. This time we have been indeed hospitable having let all the three prizes be won by our guest teams.

  • The Russian team “Crazy pigs” (skip Alexey Gorjunov, Tatyana Lukin, Andrey Azarkevich) and the Lithuanian team “DE-ARCH” (skip Arunas Skrolis, Paulius Kamarauskas, Arturas Smaliukas, Donatas Laucius) were competing for the 1st and 2nd place in the decisive final game. As better turned out to be the team that had combined players from Kaliningrad and Moscow, and which, as by definition (i.e. title) was meant to win, thus obtaining the traditional prize of the Christmas cup – the pig’s snout, the Christmas Cup and gifts by SIA “Dendrolight”. The winners, however, themselves noted that they had not known about our tournament’s tradition, and, when seeing the pig’s snout had even decided that they have not got the right place in the tournament, as they were of the opinion that the snout will be given to those raking in the last place…

    The junior team of the Ventspils Curling Club “Ice Storm” (skip Sandis Krists Puriņš, Valters Berķis, Jānis Visvaldis Lazukins) and the second Lithuanian team „Sorainen” from the Sports Club „Snaikas” (skips Gytis Malinauskas, Karolis Doniela, Vilma Parčiauskaitė, Justė Grizickaitė, Vytis Kulakauskas) were competing for the 3rd place in the tournament. This game was indeed fierce until the very last end, but in the end it was clear that this time the experienced curlers from Lithuania are better. Despite this loss for our junior team, we are very pleased about our new curlers’ great achievement – the 4th place in the tournament.

    The tournament’s total assessment table with all the results from games can be seen on in the section „Christmas Cup 2010”.

    Ventspils Curling Club would like to extend its gratitude for the cooperation and financial support to SIA “Olympic Centre “Ventspils”” and Sports Department of the Ventspils City Council, the supporters – AS “Diāna”, SIA “Arbo”, SIA “Pilsbūve” and SIA “Woodlim”, as well as the Latvian Curling Association and personally to Gints Caune for the possibility to use the specialized ice preparation technology and equipment.

    The tournament has passed, the cup and prizes have travelled together with the winners, but we hope that the good memories from the tournament will for a long time sparkle in the memory and minds of the tournament’s participants, and remind them to take part in the next curling tournaments in Ventspils again.

    Inga Apmane,
    President of the Ventspils Curling Club

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