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Jelgava Ice Hall
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Jelgava Ice hall
Jelgava Ice hall
Inside Jelgava Ice-hall....
...with four sheets of ice for curling
Hard work is applied for an excellent ice quality
Places for spectators
Skates could be rented in Ice Hall to enjoy winter sports in the midle of summer
Changing rooms
Gym hall for those, who does not know, what it is curling
Fitness hall
Fitness hall
Relaxatation corner after hard tournament games ...
... with sauna
The blue cafe...
...with lots of possibilities to relax...
...and watch events in the Ice Hall ...
or just to have a good time in good company
Lé Big TV offers you a lot of TV programmes from all over the world
Internet is available in the Ice Hall, you can send emails to your family or read your home news

Foto: Āris Cēders

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