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First steps in curling
In Latvia it is possible to curl in three places - Riga, Jelgava and Ventspils. When going to curling practice, take with yourself some warm clothes (the temperature in the ice hall is +11..+13 C°), skirt or suit is not preferable. Don't forget substitution footwear (sport shoes).


Inhabintants of Riga can learn playing in first specialized curling rink in Baltic countries. There are two playing sheets available daily from 7 till 23 o`clock when making phone reservation in advance. Curling can be tried together with friends or in corporate events. All necessary inventory is available. For newcomers instructors are also available.

For those who would like to practice more, helpful will be curling academy. All national championships are played also in curling rink.

In VOLVO sports center ice arena corporate events are organized. About organizing please contact through e-mail


In Jelgava ice hall individual practice at the moment is not possible. But it is possible to organize practice for groups of 24 or more persons at time preferred by you if agreed month before. Corporative enterprises also are organized. About activities in Jelgava contact Karlis Smilga.

The ice hall you will find easily if you will drive in direction from Riga. Arriving in Jelgava you will soon see it in the right side from you. If you miss it, just drive in the first Statoil petroil station and ask for the ice hall.


Inhabintants of Riga can learn playing in Ice hall of VOLVO sport center. Practices are in Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6.30 till 9 o'clock and in Sundays from 9 till 11 o'clock. Obligatory sign prior by e-mail: Inventory is accessible on the ice. Possibility to organize events also for companies.


If you are in western Latvia, it is possible to practice in Ventspils. Practice starts in Fridays at 22.00 and it takes place in Olympic center "Ventspils" ice hall. Practice is for members of the curling club Ventspils, but it's possible to try curling also for "newbies". Some days before practice it is preferable that you ask to administrator of the ice hall (phone 36 21 998) if there are no changes in the training schedule.

In Ventspils the fee for the ice will be 1,50 LVL (1,00 EUR), slide will cost 0,50 LVL and the brush 1,00 LVL. There is no teaching guaranteed in the practice, but the members of the club are friendly and will show how to start.

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