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smartCurling International Curling School opens in Riga

Roberts Birznieks
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Brian Gray, well known curling specialist in Latvia, opens the smartCurling International Curling School in Riga for International and Latvian curling teams.

  • The smartCurling International Curling School will be located at the SIA Kerlinga Halle in Riga, and is already accepting bookings for Curling Camps for 2012. The project, initiated by smartCurling in close cooperation with the board of the SIA Kerlinga Halle, will allow teams competing in national and international championships to work with an experienced international coach on a 4-to-1 (4 players to 1 coach) basis. smartCurling’s Europe – West location is Adelboden in Switzerland, but the new Europe – East location in Riga is ideally suited for teams from Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Finland and - of course - Latvia. With excellent air connections and very good value for money, Riga will also appeal to teams from a wider range of countries.

    Brian Gray, founder of the smartCurling project in 1998, has been working closely with the Latvian Curling Association since 2004. In that time, Latvia as a curling nation has surpassed all expectations. This fact is demonstrated by both the Latvian women’s and men’s teams having qualified for the European A Group in Moscow in December 2011. The World Curling Federation recently awarded Riga, Latvia the 2013 Women’s World Curling Championships.

    For further information about smartCurling in Riga, visit and

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